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For house, commercial and industrial electrical rewiring in Hollywood Hills, come to Legend Electrician. We are the Hollywood Hills top rated electrical panel installers. Therefore, if you are need electrician to help with electrical rewiring, call Legend Electrician now.

House, Commercial and Industrial Rewiring

At Legend Electrician, we come with qualified and experienced personnel. Who can work with different rewiring requirements. Whether residential, commercial or industrial wiring.

We ensure timely project completion. This while we strive to provide best quality solutions. So no matter the project complexity, we will provide you the best services. Also, within the agreed timelines.

Experienced Electricians

Serving Hollywood Hills, we come with years of experience. So, for electrical wiring or rewiring, we can handle a project of any magnitude.

We have served a broad base of clients requiring different types of electrical rewiring. Thus, we come with a wide exposure, which is vital in helping us to deliver to your expectations.


To schedule a rewiring service, give us a call on (562)418-6168.


Licensed and fully bonded Hollywood Hills Electrical Company

At Legend Electrician, we have met various industrial requirements, and attained an electrical services license. Thus, when you choose us for electrical house rewiring in Hollywood Hills, we will deliver to your expectations. We come with all the necessary electrical tools and equipment. This enables us to deliver to customer’s expectations, and within the industry ser guidelines. Just give us a call and we will be glad to serve you.

The pricing is fair allowing you to save on your electrical wiring cost. We ensure quality wires are used, guaranteeing you safety of your family and other electricity users. We are the number one electrical rewiring company serving Hollywood Hills region. To schedule a service, contact us at (562)418-6168.