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Electrical Services Hollywood Hills

Electrical Services

At Legends Electricians in Hollywood Hills, we provide reliable electrical services to home owners, industries and businesses. So by choosing us, you can be sure to receive outstanding and affordable services.

Our electrician are providing a full range of services. From rewiring whole units to repair and replacement of electrical panels, circuit breakers, switches and outlet.

Installation and Repairs

We also offer electrical installation and repair in Hollywood Hills CA. at Legends Electricians Hollywood Hills CA, our trained professionals adhere to the best practices during new electrical installation as well as when repairing an existing installation. Our highly trained electrical engineers offer advice to our customers before the installation has been done to enable the client to arrive at an informed decision. For repairs, we first perform an in-depth investigation to ascertain what could have caused the problem. We then advise the customer accordingly before embarking on the repairs.

Installation of Outlets or Circuit Breakers

Worn-out outlets or circuit breakers can cause damage to electrical appliances and a threat to safety. When the outlets or circuit breakers are worn out, you need to consider an immediate replacement. Contact Legends Electricians in Hollywood Hills CA, for a replacement of the worn-outlets and circuit breakers. With the installation of new outlets and switches, you have assured the best performance of your electrical appliances. In addition, when you replace the outlets and ensure switches are functional, it is the first step in ensuring the safety of your family. Do not expose your loved ones into the risk of the worn out outlets and circuits. Contact us for installation of new outlets and circuits.


Are you looking for the best electrical contractor in Hollywood Hills CA for that rewiring job? At Legends Electricians in Hollywood Hills CA, rewiring is one of our core competencies. When you contact us for a rewiring job, you are assured we shall observe the best standards. We shall replace the worn-out electrical wires with brand new wires. Our technicians offer a fast re-wiring service ensuring that you are reconnected within a short period. When doing the rewiring service, we shall check to see that there are no mistakes hence guaranteeing you 100% safety after the rewiring task. Contact us today for an estimate on the rewiring service.

High Quality Electrical Products

We are only using high quality brands for replacement, repair and installation of electrical equipment. This to make sure you get stuff that last and keep your business or home safe.

This has lead to many customers coming back for larger projects such as complete replacement to high quality electrical outlets, switches, panels and more. So by choosing us, you can be sure you get the highest quality electrical equipment.